What is in the Subway Mozzarella Sub?

What is in the Subway Mozzarella Sub?

Capicola, black forest ham, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, banana peppers, and spicy herb drizzle are the main components of Subway Mozzarella Sub. It is served on Artisan Italian Bread.

What is in the Subway Mozzarella Sub?

New Italian sandwiches from Subway feature fresh mozzarella, new capicola, and zesty vinaigrette as components. 

The company has collaborated with the position of Jimmy Garoppolo to release his own Italian sandwich in the vault, a menu available only through the Subway app and website.

What is in the Subway Mozzarella Sub?

Capicola, black forest ham, Belgioioso fresh mozzarella, spinach, tomatoes, red onions, and banana peppers are all included in the Mozza sub, which is served on artisan Italian bread with a parmesan vinaigrette.

The liquid bath (brine, or water) that fresh mozzarella is normally marketed in order to improve the cheese’s ability to maintain moisture and form. It has a definite milk flavor and is mild and just a little sweet.

The creamy texture is significantly softer than mozzarella produced in large quantities. If you’re managing your diet of fat and salt, it might surprise you to realize how similar the variations are in nutrition.

In terms of calories, fat, and saturated fat, fresh and part-skim mozzarellas are very identical; however, part-skim contains carbs (1 gram per ounce, likely from added potato starch) and has a high salt content (nearly 200 milligrams higher per ounce than fresh mozzarella).

Subway Mozzarella Sub Nutrition

Subway Mozzarella Sub Nutrition
  1. Sodium content: 22.3 g, 803.7 mg
  2. potassium, dietary cholesterol, vitamins A and C, and
  3. Calcium — Iron
  4. The percentages are based on a daily calorie intake of 2000.
  5. Size of serving: 244 grams; 410 calories
  6. Fat with 18 grams.
  7. Saturated fat in 7 grams
  8. 41 grams of carbohydrates, 
  9. 1410 milligrams of sodium
  10. sugar in 6 grams
  11. Protein in 26 grams


How Much is Fresh Mozzarella at Subway?

How Much is Fresh Mozzarella at Subway?

Fresh Mozzarella has 170 calories and is over $100 in cost. Fresh mozzarella has a mild taste and is smooth, creamy, and milky. To completely appreciate its delicate and fresh flavor, it should be consumed at room temperature.

Shops with specialized items and supermarkets both have fresh mozzarella. The cost of mozzarella varies somewhat depending on the producer and milk source, with buffalo milk being more expensive than cow milk.

The cost of delivering three times more expensive than cow’s milk of Italian Mediterranean buffalo is reflected in its cost.

Take Home

The process for making fresh mozzarella is the same regardless of the type of milk used. It is recommended to consume mozzarella cheese soon after they made it because it is like most other cheeses.

Fresh mozzarella is distinctive and difficult to replicate. However, a mozzarella with less moisture or another mild melting cheese, such as provolone or Monterey Jack, are choices for cooking, albeit their tastes won’t be the same.

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