Subway Club Foot-long Calories (Nutritional information)

What are the Subway Club Foot-long Calories?

Subway Club Foot-long Calories will include much more protein than a traditional Subway Foot-long while using the same amount of bread.

Subway Club Foot-long Calories (Nutritional information)

The ability to regulate portions is one of the most important aspects of eating a balanced diet. Especially when dining out at restaurants, most Americans wind up eating more than they really need.

A Foot-long is probably more food and protein than most people actually require.

A subway Foot-long would be a better option, though, if you’re an athlete or fitness fanatic who requires a lot of protein but is also on a high-calorie diet.

What are the Subway Club Foot-long Calories?

920 calories, 20 grams of fat, and 82 grams of carbs are included in one Subway Foot-long Subway Club. 

Most respondents (69%), who visited our website, believed that a Foot-long Subway Club was a wholesome and energizing option for Subway.

A Foot-long Subway Club from Subway contains 920 calories. They primarily made these calories up of carbs (44%). 

You would need to run for 81 minutes or walk for 131 minutes to burn off the 920 calories in a Foot-long Subway Club.


Is a Foot-long from Subway Healthy?

Is a Foot-long from Subway Healthy?

There is a solid reason Subway has long been one of the healthiest fast-food establishments. Depending on what you are searching for, the Subway menu clearly offers some excellent healthy alternatives.

There are several high-protein alternatives accessible to you at Subway if that is your aim. Let’s start by looking at the Subway menu items that, calorie for calorie, offer the most protein.

We are specifically looking for the menu item with the maximum protein for this.

Foot-long sandwiches, which are foot-longs with double meat, are all the highest protein alternatives.

Not all foot-long subs are especially excellent choices. Despite having a lot of protein, they also have a lot of calories. 

The Monster Foot-long PRO is the Subway sandwich with the greatest protein. Because of its double protein content, it has 114 grams of protein which is a lot for just one sandwich. 

With almost 1,500 calories and 80 grams of fat, it might not be the healthiest option on the menu, though.

Take Home

The processed beef they use is the unhealthful part. You should steer clear of lunch meat and any other too-processed meat.

Subway is unquestionably one of the top national brands if you must eat fast food. Finding something nearby that uses somewhat better materials would be a favor to yourself, but time and money are acceptable barriers. Subway every day is excessive.

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