Subway Rewards Program (Guide to Unlocking its Full Potential)

How Does the Subway Rewards Program Work?

You can use Subway rewards in-store and on their app to reward consumers for their purchases. Subway’s rewards program has advantages and disadvantages to the scheme, and Subway could make several improvements.

Subway Rewards Program (Guide to Unlocking its Full Potential)

How Does the Subway Rewards Program Work?

You must download the Subway app in order to register (links to the iOS and Android versions are provided below).

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How to Earn Subway Points

Physically and online orders, you can get Subway points. Simply place an online or mobile order, or have the cashier scan your Subway Rewards QR code.

You can find the code in your smartphone wallet or on the app’s home screen. If you’re a registered member, you’ll be able to earn more Subway points.

You will receive extra points for every pound spent at Subway if you have registered. Holders of Subway Rewards cards who are not enrolled will receive 1 point for every 20p spent.

Members of Subway Rewards who are signed up will receive 1 point for every 10p spent. You can occasionally receive double points.

Your earning rate as a registered member will improve to 2 points for every £10 spent.

How to Redeem Your Subway Points

How to Redeem Your Subway Points

Simply have your physical card or the Subway QR code scanned at the register to redeem your points. Only at checkout are points redeemable.

When you order via an app or online, Subway points cannot be redeemed. Once you’ve reached a certain amount, you can use your Subway Rewards points to get free food and drinks.

  1. Free normal hot beverage with 100 points
  2. Free side of your choosing with 200 points
  3. Free six-inch sub, flatbread, or salad with 500 points
  4. 1,000 points = One free foot-long

Do Subway Rewards Expire?

Only if your Subway account is dormant for more than a year, do Subway points expire.

Every time you accrue or use points, you’ll give them an additional 12 months till they expire. Your points won’t run out as long as your Subway account is open.

Your points balance will be reset to zero if 12 months go by without you making a purchase.

On the Subway app, you can see when your most recent purchase was made. Tap ‘Recent Transactions’ only once.

Take Home

You can access Subway through the mobile app, or ask in person at a Subway shop are all options for MyWay Rewards members to look them up.

Subway discovered from its customer studies respondents seek unexpected prizes besides implementing a $2 reward.

There are a few benefits to the Subway My Rewards program, but there are also several ways that Subway might make it better.

Subway can develop a loyalty program that customers would like even more by delivering greater incentives, making more individualized offers, offering more chances to earn points, and promoting the program more effectively.

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