A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Subway Locations Near You

How Many Subway Locations are there?

Are you thinking of how to find subway locations without getting lost? We’ve put together these practical recommendations to assist you in making navigation through the United States subway locations simpler because it can be a pretty stressful experience.

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Subway Locations Near You

In America, the subway is a popular chain of fast-food restaurants. One of the biggest fast-food restaurant franchises in the world is Subway.

Sandwiches called “Submarines” are its specialty. Its main office is in Milford, Connecticut, in the US. Another name for Subway is Doctor’s Associate Inc.

There are over 43,600 Subway outlets open globally in over 100 nations.

Subway sells baked goods, English muffins, pizzas, salads, sides, drinks, and signature wraps. One franchise with the fastest global expansion is Subway.

How Many Subway Locations are there?

With the use of the Subway Store Locator, you can locate nearby Subway stores.

It will display all the nearby Subway sandwich stores along with their phone number, address, and other information.

The location information provides you with several suggestions for the next action to improve your business. Today, location information is essential to every business.

Particularly when interacting with services and goods. So many professionals use scrapers for location data.

You can benefit from clear reporting thanks to the location data. Web Scrape collects diverse location data from many web pages and websites.


Top Cities With the Highest Number of Subway Locations

  1. Metro stations 2,243 shops, or 10% of all Subways locations, are in California.
  2. Texas has 1,960 Subways locations accounting for 8% of all Subways sites.
  3. Florida has 1,276 Subways locations in total, which is 5% of all Subways locations.

Subway Locations in the United States

There are 22,324 Subway shops throughout the country. In the US, there are Subway restaurants in 54 States and 6,370 cities.

California is the US state with the most Subway outlets overall. It has 2,243 Subways, which is 10% of all Subways in the United States.

How to Find Subway Locations

1. Google Maps

Keeping a map close by will make things much simpler for you. Even long-term residents of New York City occasionally glance at the subway map. 

So, take a moment to look for a subway map inside the station (there are ones in each station) or request one from the station employee.

2. Ask Somebody

Ask someone if you are still unsure if you are standing on the correct side of the platform or boarding the correct train.

You’ll be amazed to learn that a lot of New Yorkers like guiding you.

3. Try to Read Train timetables


Subway lines normally run every two to five minutes during rush hours (from 6:30 am to 9:30 am and from 3:30 pm to 8 night).

Every five to ten minutes during the day and every five to fifteen minutes till midnight, they operate.

After midnight, most trains should operate every 20 minutes.

If you were thinking of meeting another person, reconsider. There are five other places you can meet your friend as there are five separate subway lines that have stops.


On October 27, 1904, the subway system as we know it began operating, but New York’s mass transit experiment had really started 77 years before.

Abraham Brower started operating the “Accommodation,” a 12-person horse-drawn bus on Broadway, in 1827.

In 2015, it was the franchise with the fastest rate of growth, and as of June 2021 it had 37,540 restaurant spread over more than 100 nations and territories.

It has about 21,796 locations worldwide, or 58.1%, of which 21,796 are in the US.

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