How to Score the Best on Subway Deals Sandwiches and Meals

What are Subway Deals Current Special Offers?

When you use Subway deals, coupons, and other discounts, you can always get the best deals and save a lot of money.

How to Score the Best Deals on Subway Sandwiches and Meals

This summer, Subway is mixing things up with an unusual selection of 12 sandwiches that are unlike anything you’d typically get.

These sandwiches don’t include an option to “build your own”, instead, they come with a chosen selection of cheese, bread, vegetables, and sauces.

Simply request the name or number of the sandwich you want from the sandwich maker.

What are Subway Deals Current Special Offers?

Anyone who registers for the sandwich chain’s weekly text offers and buys a 30-ounce drink, which costs about $1.80, will receive a free classic sub.

However, $1.80 is still a really decent value for a sandwich and a drink. To sign up, either click here or send the word “offers” to the number 782929. I just joined up, so I can attest to how quick and simple it is.

Subway will SMS you a confirmation message when you sign up. If you respond “Y” to the SMS asking if you agree, Subway will send you a link for a free 6-inch classic sub (with the purchase of a 30-ounce drink).

Make sure you wait until you are paying at the Subway before clicking the “redeem” link.

By obtaining a Subway Rewards card, you can also benefit from free food and beverages at the sandwich shop.

The card, which is only accepted in a few places, lets users earn one point for every dollar spent. You can exchange the points for cost-free Subway products.

Best Deals on Subway Sandwiches and Meals

Best Deals on Subway Sandwiches and Meals

Subway Buy One Foot Long, Get One Free

What could be greater than a foot-long Subway sandwich? Are you confused between the Meatball Marinara foot long and the brand-new Chicken and Bacon Ranch foot long?

Or perhaps you want to be a great spouse and get a loved one something to eat.

Visit the Subway website or mobile app, select the location where you wish to pick up your subs, and then enter the coupon code FREEFOOTLONG on the checkout page to receive one of your foot-long sandwiches for free.

Subway Get One 6-Inch Sandwich

Want to save money while still getting an enjoyable meal? You should order a 6-inch sandwich from Subway for only $3.49!

To receive the discount on your preferred sandwich, place your order using the Subway app or website and use the promotional code 6INCH349 at the checkout page.

Amazing Subway Meals Coupon Code

Amazing Subway deals Coupon Code
  1. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGOFTL)
  2. Two foot-long subs for $12.99, FL1299
  3. Three foot-long subs for $17.99 (FL1799)
  4. Foot-long meal for just $8.99 with code FLMEAL899
  5. FL599: $5.99 for a foot-long sub FL699: $6.99 for a foot-long sub
  6. A 6 Inch sub costs $3.49.
  7. A 6th Inch sub costs $3.99.
  8. BEVERAGE – Free 20oz Drink with Footlong or Footlong Melt with code 6INCHMEAL649


The greatest option for quick, healthy meals that everybody can enjoy, regardless of taste preferences or ingredient allergies, is Subway.

Even though Subway’s prices are already very reasonable, you can order using promo codes and coupons to create your next sandwich without paying more.

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