What are Subway Chips Made of?

Yes, there are now Subway Chips! It’s nearly impossible to enhance the flavor of a Subway meal, yet they’ve managed to do it. To add some crisp, crunchy chips to your favorite flavor-packed sandwich and have a double helping of taste, choose from a broad selection.

Top 10 Popular Subway Chips Flavors (Best Chip Flavors Available)

Following the success of Subway’s footlong cookie pop-up on National Cookie Day last December, the massive sandwich chain, which is famous for its iconic footlong sandwiches, teamed up with Lay’s to develop the 12-inch baked chips.

Subway Unveils Footlong Baked Potato Subway Chips

They excel in surprising our fans with novel flavor combinations and inventive culinary creations. A 12-inch Lay’s potato chip is a somewhat bizarre menu item that Subway recently introduced.

In honor of National Potato Chip Day, the fast food juggernaut collaborated with Baked Lay’s and unveiled their first-ever 12-inch crisp, according to Chew Boom. Continue reading to see where and for how long you may have this special crispy, crunchy creation.

The Subway Series sandwiches, the most recent iteration of Subway’s menu revamp, made their debut in July and are intended to be coupled with the BAKED Lay’s footlong. Premium meats, cheeses, and sauces are added to the 12 sandwiches selected by a chef.

Now customers can add a BAKED Lay’s Footlong for free, while supplies last, to any Subway Series footlong meal they purchase.

What are Subway Chips Made of?

The major items on the Subway menu are subs, wraps, and salads.

You can get delicious breakfast alternatives like bacon, egg & cheese 6-inch with ordinary egg, steak, egg & cheese 6-inch with regular egg, and much more if you go to Subway during the breakfast hour.

Black forest ham, egg, and cheese are among Subway’s top breakfast choices. This sandwich comes in two sizes: a 6″ (which costs $4.19) and a footlong (which costs about $6.19).

It contains a flavorful black forest ham wrapped in a flatbread that has been toasted and has cheese and an egg inside of it. You can add any vegetables you choose to this sandwich.

You can choose from a variety of subs, including a 6-inch regular B.L.T. sub, a buffalo chicken footlong regular sub, a 6-inch regular turkey & bacon guacamole sub, a 6-inch regular veggie delite sub, a 6-inch regular meatball marinara sub, and many more.

These sandwiches can be customized, and you can even try a footlong or even a footlong pro version of them.

The “bacon lettuce tomato” (B.L.T.) sandwich is available at Subway in three sizes. It costs $4.49, $6.69, and $9.69, respectively, for a 6-inch, footlong, and footlong pro B.L.T. sandwich.

In this sandwich, slices of robust multigrain bread, Italian herbs & cheese bread, or artisan flatbread are stacked with hickory smoked bacon, juicy tomatoes, and lettuce.

You can also get wraps, including Caesar chicken, chipotle southwest steak & cheese, oven-roasted chicken, sweet onion chicken teriyaki, and many other options if you don’t like subs.

Do you want something especially nutritious? You can sample their protein bowls and fresh fit selections, which include tuna sandwiches, 6-inch regular subs with black forest ham, footlong regular subs with sweet onion chicken teriyaki, footlong regular subs with veggie delite, and many more.

You can also order their sides and beverages, such as Coca-Cola, oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, and miss vickie’s jalapeo. Additionally, Subway offers catering services.

The best thing about Subway is that they make all of their bread and other products with solely fresh ingredients.


Subway Chips and Menu With Prices

ItemsFootlong6″Footlong PRO
All-American Club$ 12.98$ 7.78$ 18.18
The Monster$ 17.27$ 9.73$ 22.47
The Outlaw$ 14.93$ 8.69$ 20.13
The Philly$ 14.93$ 8.69$ 20.13
Subway Club$ 14.02$ 8.82$ 19.22
The Great Garlic$ 14.28$ 9.08$ 19.48
The Boss$ 14.93$ 9.08$ 20.13
Supreme Meats$ 12.98$ 8.17$ 18.18
The MexiCali$ 17.53$ 10.38$ 22.73
Bella Mozza$ 12.98$ 8.17$ 18.18
The Champ$ 14.93$ 9.08$ 20.13
Turkey Cali Club$ 19.48$ 11.42$ 24.68

Classic Sandwiches Menu With Prices

ItemsFootlong6″Footlong PRO
Oven Roasted Turkey$ 11.68$ 7.52$ 16.88
Chicken & Bacon Ranch$ 14.28$ 8.82$ 19.48
Steak & Cheese$ 12.98$ 7.78$ 18.18
Tuna$ 11.03$ 7.13$ 16.23
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$ 12.98$ 7.78$ 18.18
Meatball Marinara$ 10.38$ 6.48$ 15.58
Cold Cut Combo$ 10.38$ 6.48$ 15.58
Italian B.M.T.$ 11.03$ 7.13$ 16.23
Black Forest Ham$ 10.38$ 6.48$ 15.58
Spicy Italian$ 11.03$ 7.13$ 16.23
B.L.T.$ 11.68$ 7.52$ 16.88
Veggie Delite$ 9.73$ 6.48
Buffalo Chicken$ 12.98$ 7.78$ 18.18
Rotisserie-Style Chicken$ 12.98$ 8.17$ 18.18
Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham$ 11.68$ 7.52$ 16.88
Grilled Chicken$ 12.98$ 7.78$ 18.18
Pizza Sub$ 11.68$ 7.13$ 16.28
Roast Beef$ 14.28$ 8.82$ 19.48
Veggie Patty$ 11.68$ 7.52$ 16.88

With this intriguing new item on the menu, we’re curious about what intriguing future collaborations and one-time deals Subway has in store.

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