Is the Subway Buffalo Chicken Still Available at Subway?

Subway Buffalo Chicken Sub is a fantastic choice for all meat fans, thanks to the juicy chicken. Its main ingredient is roast chicken with a Buffalo glaze. You’ll get the flavors you associate with game day in two new sandwiches.

Subway Buffalo Chicken

Is the Subway Buffalo Chicken Still Available at Subway?

Strips of chicken breast marinated in hot buffalo sauce. Try it with the creamy Ranch dressing or the zesty Blue Cheese dressing.

According to a Subway representative, “This is a mixture of spices, red chilies, red peppers, roasted red peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, Arbol chili powder, cumin seeds, chili powder, habanero powder, Allspice, white pepper, paprika, rice vinegar, salt, and unsalted butter.”

It had a little kick to it, but it was still ideal for Subway aficionados who are terrified of spice (like myself).

According to Subway, the Sub contains “flavor-packed marinated chicken breast in a fiery Buffalo glaze.”

And the creators of the novel sandwich recommend pairing it with one more ingredient: “paired perfectly with creamy blue cheese dressing.”

This combination was characterized as “mouth-watering” by Subway, so it’s definitely worth trying for the ultimate chicken and cheese combo.

Subway Buffalo Chicken Nutrition Information

Default nutrition values based on pre-selected ingredients.

  • Serving Size: 243
  • Energy (kJ): 1240
  • Energy (kcal): 296
  • Protein (g): 23.1
  • Fat (g): 4.1
  • Saturated Fat (g): 1
  • Carbohydrates (g): 41.5
  • Sugar (g): 7.5
  • Fibre (g): 4
  • Sodium (mg): 1100

Subway Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is Prepared with Frank’s RedHot Sauce

Your preferred game day treats are now available in two brand-new sandwiches from Subway.

The sandwich vendor announced the introduction of the Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the BBQ Chicken Sandwich just days after allegations surfaced that Ireland did not want to consider the chain’s bread to be true bread.

Naturally, several vegetables and sauces are served with each sandwich to enhance your sandwich-eating experience.

The Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, ranch dressing, and a heap of chicken strips covered in spicy buffalo sauce on the bread of your choice.

Meanwhile, Subway’s new BBQ Chicken Sandwich comes with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles, and pieces of chicken covered in tangy and smoky St. Louis-style BBQ sauce on your choice of bread.

Both are completely customized, just like every other sandwich from Subway.

The Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and the BBQ Chicken Sandwich are both available in Subway locations around the nation, but only for a limited time.

While you can, include it in your game day buffet.

Subway claims that its “new buffalo sauce” is prepared using Frank’s Red Hot sauce, but it tasted like they blended some Frank’s Buffalo Sauce with a splash of Frank’s Hot Sauce.

The goopy outcome offered a great kick, but not enough to give you a true “buffalo wing” feel. Similarly, the ranch had minimal impact.

It was present, but rapidly lost its footing in the presence of the hot sauce, muting the heat and failing to give any complexity.

Subway Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches are not all the Same

According to ‘The Impulsive Buy’, any other fast-food restaurant’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is superior to Subways. Ouch.

The reviewer continues by saying that the new sauce is underwhelming and that there isn’t enough of it to give you the authentic hot wing experience.

Like the Reddit thread, this reviewer also complained that the chicken is “unnaturally soft” and tasteless.

However, not everyone agrees. Melz&Chris on YouTube says the chicken is soft and tasty, but not overly hot, owing to the ranch dressing on top.

In fact, the duo describes it as the most delectable Subway sub they’ve ever had.

The price of $4.79 for a 6-inch sub and $7.99 for a footlong, on the other hand, was called “ridiculous.” (It should be emphasized that, according to Subway, prices for all items vary since franchisees set them.)

It’s also worth noting that not all Subway locations make their Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches in the same manner. In some establishments, the chicken is allowed to boil and marinate in the sauce.

subway chicken buffalo


After being presented as a limited-time offering in 2009, the Subway Buffalo Chicken Sandwich had a brief shelf life (via QSR Web).

The new sandwich combines the chain’s popular chicken strips (available in other Subway options such as Chicken & Bacon Ranch and Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki) with a spicy sauce from Frank’s RedHot.

Of course, all Subway sandwiches may be customized, but the regular Buffalo Chicken Sandwich comes with ranch dressing and lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers as toppings.

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