How to Make Your Own Subway BBQ rib Sandwich

What is the Subway BBQ Rib Made of?

Subway BBQ rib is simple to prepare and ideal if you are creating sandwiches for a sizable group of people. Add boneless ribs on a soft, buttery bun. You can make it even better by adding caramelized onions.

How to Make Your Own Subway BBQ rib Sandwich

This dish uses handmade smoky ribs, in contrast to typical rib sandwiches, which use store-bought boneless ribs.

What is Subway BBQ Rib?

The BBQ Rib sandwich from Subway is made with Italian bread, rib-shaped pork patties, sweet BBQ sauce, lettuce, onions, and pickles.

The pork patties resembled those in a McRib (or in a school cafeteria or frozen supper), but instead of being the customary light grey of ground pork, they had a definite orange hue. It had a mostly salty and porky flavor with a very slight smokiness.

The pig patties were chilly since the sub wasn’t toasted, which wasn’t a negative thing. The patties had a delicate, almost spongy feel with very little charring (mostly for aesthetic purposes).


How to Make Your Own BBQ Rib Sandwich

How to Make Your Own BBQ Rib Sandwich

By cooking the ribs in advance in a pressure cooker or Instant pot and then completing the glaze in the oven, you may reduce the total cooking time.

After seasoning the ribs, put them in the Instant pot. Cook for 15 minutes under high pressure after adding 1/2 cup of water.

Allow the steam to escape normally for around ten minutes. Using the BBQ sauce, you may now barbecue the ribs until they are sticky.

The ribs’ white coating should be removed. Put the spices in a small basin and stir them.

Subway BBQ Rib Sandwich Tips

  1. Season the ribs on both sides with the spice.
  2. The ribs should be put on a baking sheet, covered with parchment paper or foil, and baked for about five hours at 150°C/300°F.
  3. Combine BBQ sauce with honey.
  4. Remove the ribs’ bones.
  5. Brush them with honey-BBQ and flip them over to show the meaty side. till crisp and delicious, broil.
  6. Brush bread with parsley butter after cutting it in half lengthwise.
  7. On top of one half, place the ribs.
  8. Put the ribs on top of the caramelized onions.
  9. Add parsley as a garnish.
  10. Prior to serving, slice into servings.

Subway BBQ Rib Sandwich Review

Subway BBQ Rib Sandwich Review

Pre-formed rib sections are frequently associated with McDonald’s illustrious McRib and for good reason.

With the launch of its BBQ Rib Sandwich, Subway’s sandwich makers are horning in on the long-running pomp and celebration that occurs perhaps once a year.

The McRib uses a similar rib-shaped patty, but Subway’s variant appears more substantial because it almost completely fills the six-inch sandwich I ordered.

And when the baker behind the glass suggested white bread, I chose whole wheat. The Subway sandwich starts to significantly diverge from the McD’s at this point.


The BBQ rib sandwich from Subway is a decent substitute for a McRib or other similar sandwich;

However, toasting it will enhance both the burgers and the bread. If you can get the two for $10 bargain, it’s fairly affordable.

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